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I am very Displeased with Disneyland Ca. I approached the purse check & sarcastically said "oh yeah i have a gun in my purse lol" in a very sarcastic manner!...I was told to step away & extra security came to investigate...even after I told them I had said that sarcastically & didn't know any better because I don't actually do things like there was nothing in my purse but was told to leave anyways.

(freedom of speech violation?) yet they can openly post "TNT" & "Beware Of Weasels" signs all over Toon Town???..Should I call the bomb squad/animal control on Disneyland for their statements??? Security made a big huge deal about this & im sure these guards are on somekind of powertrip to see who gets a promotion for preying on some poor girl tryna see Mickey! I got stuck with gas and parking fee.They need to post what we seriously can & can't say instead of posting stupidities on their rides!!!

If they take things so literally, they need to follow their own rules as well. Remember people while visiting the worlds biggest scheme park never laugh or act Goofy!

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Los Angeles, California, United States #790765

For future reference dont tell the TSA that you have a bomb in your carry on, Don't tell the customs agent that you have a kilo of cocaine in your purse, Don't tell Border Patrol that you are sneaking into the US. Don't say hijack to a flight attendant.

Don't tell the Secret service that you want to harm the President. Don't tell the IRS anything.

Don't call a cop a pig and dont call 9-1-1 for anything.Sometimes Darwin has to be right. All they had to judge you by was your words, no mater how you meant said them..Don't be mad at them for your insulance.

Los Angeles, California, United States #773986

Wow, you are a dumb B.i.t.c.h. .....what if someone came to your place of employment and said that to you?! PLEASE go to a bank, the airport, or anywhere else that cares about safety, say that, and see how fast your *** ends up in jail.


was *** and immature today sorry. :?

Los Angeles, California, United States #642987

Four words, "You are an ***!!"


Go act like "you don't know better" at an airport security checkpoint and see what happens... your a fool, clearly


"Freedom of Speech" applies to the government, not businesses. Disney is a business.

Your freedom of speech ends at their gate.

Besides, who would make a statement like you did at an amusement park? Wow, what an ***.


Jack@ss!!!! They should have banned you for life. Try that sarcasm in front of the TSA and see where that lands you!



Who knows if this post is real or not, but I use to work at the ticket counter at disneyland and security was forever telling us about the *** things people say. It's more common than you guys think for guests to joke about having stuff like that in their bags! And then they seemed shocked when they are denied entry into the park lol.



Why do you(and the other people who replied) believe that this is a real post.

to Jedi Knight Ethan Los Angeles, California, United States #790768

I deal with the real public in real public safety would be amazed at the truly *** things people say. Sure go ahead and think them..they might be humorous..until you say it out loud. This one is dumb enough to be real


Why would you even joke about something like that? I'm glad they took what you said seriously!

I take my children there and I rely on those security guards to keep us safe!! Next time think before you open your mouth.


Troll, in the dungeons, troll in the dungeons, thought you outta know.


Where have you been for the past 10 years? No one jokes about that...

not even sarcastically, especially on a date so close to a big national holiday. 'Think before you speak' should be your motto from now on.

big ben

You are in *** to think they are in the wrong to protect themselves and other people. Think about it. Anything can happen and i'm sure crazy people go there all the time.

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