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My daughter's balloon was stolen at California adventure. We bought the balloon early that morning, and went to see the Aladdin show.

When we went back, the balloon was stolen. We went to guest relations, and they wouldn't replace the balloon. When you buy balloons, the vendors only take cash, and they do not give receipts. They will replace popped balloons, with the weight (proof).

But since the balloon was stolen, we didn't have the weight and so they wouldn't refund the balloon. We have annual passes and have paid $3,000 in pass charges since we've started going to Disneyland and I don't think I'll buy anything else from Disneyland.

Monetary Loss: $7.

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Modesto, California, United States #1241856

I found your balloon. Good shape its in, and still has a little disney air in it.

8 bucks and its yours. Cash only.


You got bigger issues if this is something you deem worth posting.....I'd tell you to get a life...but as we see you do not have one.


ok here is the thing you pay cash right that vendor has to go back and show inventory if it is off they need to have proof that they didn't steal from the company. -_- I don't want to pay out of my pocket for you

Los Angeles, California, United States #705629

Sandra L. of course we know how that person feels but the fact of the matter is it's their own fault for leaving it out in the open.

Disney employees don't know if a person is telling the truth or trying to get a free balloon. They get dishonest people everyday. It's not Disney's fault.

:roll People will even use their own kids to get something for free, so of course they're not going to give free balloons to every person who walks up with a sobbing kid. Get in the shoes of the employees.


help! My I pad was stolen!

replace it for free!

why would they give you something that you cant prove was stolen... it could have fallen off and floated away... it could have been mistakenly taken by a 6 year old thinking it was his...

if you leave your things untended they might dissapear... why would you blame someone else for your stupidity?


For those of you telling her to get over it, you need to step back and think how you'd feel. It isn't bad enough someone stole, but then Disney then decides to tell her to "lump it".

All of Disney's guest relations are slipping horribly and this is just a tiny example. I'm sure the Mouse could have afforded a replacement balloon to turn her frown upside down.

Instead she had to leave feeling robbed twice...once from the *** that stole her balloon and then again by the *** that took thousands of dollars and no longer cares if you leave happy or not. Disney is all about money...fairytales and pixie dust are a thing of the past.

to Sandra L Mesa, Arizona, United States #662088

NO JOKE! I understand that if it had been something expensive they wouldnt, but COME ON its just a balloon & it was for a kid.

Sick of them assuming that everyone who comes with a complaint is just looking for something free/handout.

Makes me sick! Ive been to disney world like 40 times & this last visit made it 6 for disneyland.Never once had an issue til now.Disney needs to train their employees to be more respectful and understanding.Pretty sure walt would NOT approve & cant blame hannah montana for ruining disney when theyre own employees are doing a decent job of screwing up the magic themselves.

to jennibunnifoofoo #722114

ok as an outdoor vender we have to pay for that or have proof that we didn't pocket the money for it !


You need to get together with the girl who was given free clothes by Disney World admin, so she could change out of her "Tinkerbell" costume. Entitled little brats....


The raves? you mean the "Tron "exibit or the buzz lighter parade?


It's a balloon. Get over it.


This is a funny post. Disney land doesn't need people like you. Glad we won't have to see people like you anymore at Disneyland.


I didn't know balloons came with an insurance policy. Because you left it unattended you deserve a replacement.?!?

What if it popped or deflated two days later? I just. don't. Understand.

The sense of entitlement ....are you on food stamps? Just a guess.


Walmart wouldnt either :cry


All these naysayers! It's the principal not the cost for what you paid. It's always the principal



oh noes, not the balloon! much evil in the world!



The show is indoors. And we did get her another balloon. But it's upsetting how much I pay and how they treat me as a thief, when I'm a victim of the horrible atmosphere they're creating with the raves at California adventure.

to markozeta Los Angeles, California, United States #645298

oh be quiet there is no RAVESSSSS omgggg scway raves are going to scare my wittle kid!!! look pal, no one needs your higher than thou attitude.

I bet your kid is going to end up a pill popper anyway. ***.

to markozeta #657149

So don't pay anymore and don't go anymore. Also, I despise loud music and don't expose myself to it due to needing my ears for my career, so I avoid Mad T Party like the plague, but I'm not a "victim" of it.

wah, wah wah. When did Disneyland guests become entitled brats?

I have an annual pass too and have paid "thousands" over the years and yet.... if someone steals something due to my stupidity, oh well tough s*** I'll buy another one or get over it.


Its a balloon, get over it, seriously

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