I have an annual pass to disneyland and the price for it was outrageous. The bad food also cost alot.

I am sick with this disgusting happiest place on earth. They raise prices knowing people will still go. It's reached a point which it's just ***. I don't care if they can get away with it.

After my annual pass expires I will never buy one again. *** Disney. You aren't about making little kids happy. Parents are low on money and you are just taking it all because of your selfish greediness.

Walt Disney would never want it to become like this. You disgrace his name and don't deserve the legacy he began.

Everyone should strike and not go but that will never happen because parents will buy tickets no matter what they charge. I hope someday they come to their senses and just try to make little kids happy.

Monetary Loss: $300.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #837208

Just had my premium pass renewed ;) if you want it bad enough you'd find a way. You aren't entitled to going to disneyland, they are under NO obligation to cater special to the poor.

to GrowUp Hesperia, California, United States #848855

I love your comment!

to GrowUp #876863

I don't know why you would want to go there everyday anyways. The place is overcrowded as it is. They should abolish these cheap passes, and make it real expensive, so I don't have to stand in line, ever...

Mesa, Arizona, United States #662076

I understand that completely.My fiance paid $92 for each of our 1 day tickets WITHOUT the hopper.We ended up paying less for our hotel than our tickets & atleast the hotel fed us decent food(for free)! Then he paid almost $5 for the absolute WORST cappiccino in creation.Ive been going with my family for my entire life &im thinking this will be my last until tickets are more resonable.(which is like never) Its just not worth the trouble.Im sticking to disney world.


The "Happiest place on Earth" *** is clearly aimed at kids only. :grin

to ***edReplier Glendora, California, United States #837210

Have you seen CA adventure, some excellent bar areas there! Happy adults too :)

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