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Tonight I was tackled by a Disney employee, (not a security guard). I was following some people that opened a door towards Main Street and a Disney employee told me to stop, I stopped and said I'm following these people which she proceeded to say you can't go there ,, even though several people were already walking that way, I stopped for her and asked her if I could pass she then Proceeded to put her arm out in front of me and forced clothes lined me across my chest and sending me to the floor and sending my cell phone and water bottle To the ground.

I was in shock! I told her she was very violent towards me and she proceeded to tell me that I was very violent toward her, which I responded with, no, I was just walking. She looked scared and confused and I hope she's emotionally okay but I have to say she was very rude and aggressive towards me....

I missed the days when Disney Employee's were all About the people and the Disney experience? It's sad and upsetting and I'm very confused by my experience

Product or Service Mentioned: Disneyland Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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