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I am looking for

The complaints dept

After you leave Disneyland CAlifornia .. I am happy with our trip .. It the

Hoody I paid

85 I think for.. It got

One wearing, one washing and it's garbage :( , I am so upset disheartened over it .. I search the whole park for it.. It was going to be my winter fleecy hoodys,, it reminds me if a hoody I could of

Bought at Walmart !!!! It's the white winter, pink inside hoody , pink zipper , stars on arms, back wAs embroidered with all characters and said 2014 on it .. That's a 1x only bought cause of the longer arms but now it's like a med with small short arms and nothing lays flat any more .. I am 6 foot long arms and in reality a size xl but due

To the little longer arms and body I went with the 1x

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The OP is so pathetic that she is giving everyone a thumbs down for telling her the truth.


It sounds to me like you did not follow the care instructions on the hoodie and threw it the dryer and gasp... it shrunk, imagine that.

to Anonymous Rainsville, Alabama, United States #1053768

I thought these things were preshrunk?


I have the same exact hoodie. It cost $55 not $85 and I have washed mine several times and it is just fine.


does it say machine washable?

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