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Disneyland had technical difficulties on 3 different rides over a period of 2 days. California screaming, Thunder mountain, Indiana Jones and even Alice in Wonderland.

Even worse was the lack of any explanation or apology for the long wait in the line, we just get treated like cattle. There was no mention of any compensation or at least some way to avoid the line the next time when we came back.

You'd think they would have some common sense in at least giving people a pass to come back without having to stand in the line. I guess they have it easy with the large demand so they don't really care about customers as they used to.

Review about: Disneyland Customer Care.

Monetary Loss: $100.

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Mesa, Arizona, United States #662086

When we went, the same thing happened to us half way thru the 60 minute splash mountain line. It was incredibly frustrating.


Read the back of your ticket before complaining. Or better yet, don't go.

That way, people like me can enjoy Disneyland without people like you b******* the whole time. I just went to their 24 hour night and so many things broke down because they've been running for 24 hours straight. I waited for Matterhorn for 45 minutes and was next in line and it broke down for 45 minutes. Oh well, s*** happens.

Get over it. :cry


on the back of your ticket it essentially says that sometimes things happen that one cant control... and when those things happen its not Disney's fault... 3 rides over two days is better than knotts or six flags...

and MIKE RHONE, find something else to harp about, you continue to complain about things that have been explained to you and are completely understandable.


Sigh. The rides 'break down' primarily (90 percent of the time) because the guests riding them choose to do foolish/unsafe things that force the attendents to shut the ride down to protect said guests from injury. I work for Disneyland and can't tell you how often I hear 'so-and-so ride is down due to guest out of bounds/guest interference' etc on the radio every day. Guests think it's dandy to climb out of moving vehicles, reach out and grab props, run across tracks in the load stations, take flash photos (after being asked not to..) that trigger safety sensors and cause an automatic ride shutdown, try to jump out and steal props, etc etc. It's an hourly occurance on some rides during peak periods. Guests have been seriously injured and killed doing such things but the public never learns - hence the emergency shutdown to protect them from their own foolishness. Sometimes guests take too long to board (gotta stop and take photos at inopportune times dontchaknow) or exit their vehicles which can make the ride back up and cause what we call a cascade, also resulting in an auto shutdown. We've even had cheeky guests reach over at the loading station and push buttons on a ride console (oh, how hilarious and clever!) and cause it to shut down. After such a shutdown the ride must be powered back up and go through what is basically a massive reboot to resume operation. Drives us nuts but we won't have anyone getting hurt if we can prevent it, of course. So when you are on a ride and it 'breaks' you can be strongly certain that the cause was some ***'s actions, and not the ride itself. Heck just the other day a teen got out of his buggy in the haunted mansion and tried to steal Leota's crystal ball - same result!

Just saying this because I'm a touch fed up with all the 'OMG THE RIDE BROKE DISNEY FAILS' complaints. No, nine times out of ten it's the riders that fail.

Oh, and the staff you wanted to punch? They make a few nickels more than minimum wage and are made to work mandatory hours that can run until 2 am and for 12-14 hours at a stretch. Working 9 days straight (mandatory) is not uncommon. This is in all weather including triple digit summers, driving rain, hail or lightning. They are screamed and cursed at for simply enforcing safety rules designed to keep peoples' limbs attached to their torsos. The average break is 5 minutes as policy means our breaks start the instant we leave our stations to walk through heavy crowds to reach a breakroom - breaks do not start *when* we reach the breakroom. They do not get holidays off and more than half of them work fulltime hours without getting any fulltime benefits. There is also no flexibility for childcare needs, personal emergencies etc as far as missing work goes. Castmembers have had day-off requests denied for college graduations and wedding days! One CM I know of was written up and then pink-slipped for missing work while he was dying in the hospital of a septic infection. Disney had his medical leave paperwork but rejected it without informing him or his was rejected due to a minor one-word typo.

So ease up on us, eh? We are trying our best out there. Sorry about the long winded rant, but after ten years of "Disney sucks 'cause they wouldn't let my kid stand on a six foot wall over thorn bushes to see the parade we arrived late for after being told to arrive early" I'm a touch burned out.

to JayBee #722106

oh I think I love you!!!! about time they hear the cast side , im ex cast moved to az but iv been there and these disney sucks just drives me nutts!!

to JayBee Anaheim, California, United States #734522

Amen! I AGREE wholeheartedly. Disney CMs are the Finest People I know (for the most part). I am Not a CM, but have Many friends who work very hard @Disneyland. It is unreal how Some Guests spoil the "Disney Magic" for other guests! On average 9 out of 10 CMs are happy to be working at the Happiest Place on Earth, the 10th is going to be the "bad egg" people have a problem with.

I know how much Disneyland cares about Guest Safety at the Parks. It is drilled into them (first at training, and ongoing afterward.) CMs do NOT want you to be harmed in any way, and are Always looking out for your Best Interest. I am appalled that a teen jumped out of a Moving "Doom Buggy" to TRY and steal Madame Leota in her crystal ball! What a foolish/*** way to RUIN the Haunted Mansion for the others enjoying the Ride!

I have spent more time taking names of CMs (THEY ALL WEAR NAMETAGS, you know) so I can COMPLIMENT THEM @ City Hall for doing something magical/exceptional/extremely courteous or friendly kindness to myself, my guests, friends & family. I suggest making note of CMs name, the time and attraction when "it" happened and stopping by City Hall. If you see me there, I am nearly ALWAYS leaving a happy "thank you" for a CM, which they hear about later from their "Lead" and if necessary, you can complain about the Exact CM who did WHATEVER it was, so that Feedback goes to someone who can take action on it.

I don't Always take Disney's side, Mistakes are made. But as a Disneyland Expert, with a Premium Annual Pass, I had a Disney Fairy Tale Wedding, have a brick in the "Walk Around the World" and am a Shareholder w/Stock in DISNEY, I am the Happiest "Guest" on Earth! Walt built this Happy Place for the "young at Heart" Try To Remember Him with Joy as you Enter. Thank you! Forever A Disney Princess ,)

mike rhone

completely agree with you on all points my trip was equally as bad with the rides plus no customer service skills amongst park employees to the point that i was treated so badly that if i wasn't with my child i would have punched a couple of them and i'm not a violent person. :(

to mike rhone Los Angeles, California, United States #774004

Clearly you are...

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