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While at California Adventures, the "Cast members" would not give us return times for our service animal. When we asked why, they said because our service animal was not recognized as a disability.

When the guest services finally called me back after my complaint, they said sorry, nothing they can do about it, no refund or anything. Even though we never went on one ride while over at California Adventures. Two separate cast members told us that. We over here are different than Disneyland side, and you have to wait in line like everyone else.

Our dog, can, but it's hot and hard in his pads and everyone trying to pet him and no shade, just looking for a return time.

Nope, wait like everyone else! Thanks Disneyland......We won't be coming back anytime soon....

Product or Service Mentioned: Disneyland Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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This complaint is ridiculous. First of all, if you need to bring a service animal into a theme park, call ahead and make sure it is okay and find out how the rules work.

That's your job, not theirs. Secondly, if it's too hot for your dog to stand on the pavement, then you shouldn't have him there. There are 12 months in the year, many that are cooler.

Pick a different day. None of your complaints are Disney's problem.

to Anonymous Seattle, Washington, United States #1347979

Really? You don't think we did research on this topic?

We did, my son needs this service animal, I'm not saying they weren't compliant, what they told us prior to coming and what they delivered when we got there was way different. It was like asking for a wheelchair and then getting there and not getting a wheelchair. As far as it being hot, when they say you won't have to wait in line, you can return or. bypass the line, they retracted their story.

Before your slam us for being idiots, briefly out yourself in our shoes. Thanks for your input.....

to Anonymous #1366830

As someone with a service dog myself, I would never travel to a theme park when it could potentially be hot. We do Disney World in FL a lot, but only in the fall/winter.

While I do believe the parks should be accommodating of all disabilities, I also believe it is my responsibility to make sure my dog isn't put in an uncomfortable position and know that with a place as busy as Disney World, that can't always happen, even if they DO follow all of the rules and regulations. That's just my two cents and I've never been to Disneyland, so I'm not sure how it is there.

My dog is the only reason I function, so if I have to plan trips at a time of year when I know it's best for him then that's what I do. It's why we only do Disney World every couple of years so we can be sure it's mild temperatures for him

Los Angeles, California, United States #1336987

So if its too hot for the dog to be there.. why is that disneylands fault?

to Walt #1366454

It wasn't the heat they we are blaming Disneyland. It was the mere fact that when you plan on arrangements, and confirm with Disney, then show up and the product was not delivered, that is our issue.

Disneyland would NOT work with our special needs son who NEEDS his service dog. Getting access to rides, and making return times not available to us, like they said they would, was the issue. We could only take vacation at that time of year and planned it 6 months earlier, and it just happened to have heat wave cone through.

They did not comply with ADA requirements. Plain and simple, and their follow up apology 3 weeks later confirms that.

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