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I went to Disneyland last night excited to get annual passes but it quickly turned into dissapointed when they told me I can't have a pass that just has my legal name, Cynthia Juarez, as shown on my ID. They told me they had to put my maiden name too.

I was really confused on this part. She kept on repeating that the name on the contract has to match the name on the pass. My credit card had my maiden name and that's why I think she had to put my maiden name. I asked her if the name on billing info had to match the pass holder name and she said no and kept on repeating that the info on the contract had to be the same as annual pass card.

I should of walked away and not purchased tickets, especially, 'cause I knew that I could get the annual pass on my card to have my legal name if I had purchased it online from the DIsney website. I know this because That is what I was doing before my husband convinced me to to Disneyland and get them at the booth. I was pissed that I couldn't get my annual pass to match my legal name as stated on my photo ID. I think that if I am forking out that much cash, then I should at least get my real/legal name on my annual pass.

The quality in service at Disneyland has definitely gone down, employees seem unmotivated and don't seem genuinly happy to work there. The girl who helped me at the ticket booth was from La Puente, I think that is what her badge said.

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Los Angeles, California, United States #773985

Who cares? It's your *** name.

You obviously put your name on the contact and it didn't match your photo ID.

The billing info doesn't matter, because not everyone who buys a pass is buying one for themselves. Plus, no *** the employee wasn't happy....she had to deal with your dumb B.S.

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