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Nov 24 was my sons 12th birthday and happens to be on Thanksgiving. My family decided this year no one was going to cook a full dinner and I found a reasonable restaurant in Downtown Disney, that was suitable for everyone. But a lunch rather than dinner suited everyone better. On entering the parking lot for Downtown Disney at approximately 1:45, I took an automated ticket that stamps the exact time you arrived. You have 3 hours of "FREE" parking. For an extra 2 hours of "FREE" parking, they require you sit at one of their restaurants and show this receipt upon leaving. I am a Disney Annual Pass Holder for several years now, but usually use the 6 story parking garage when I come with my 4 kids. So I wasn't fully aware of the extra 2 hours you get or other rules which I will explain later.

As we finished our lunch at about 3:30 I looked for my parking ticket to double check if I needed it validated. I panicked as I checked my pockets and took everything out of my purse. Double checked everything and even a third time. I could not find it! But thinking I just paid a lunch bill over $200 for 11 people I though It would be no problem to show this to the guard stationed at the exit booth and explain what happened.

He had no part in trying to be friendly, courteous or understanding of the situation. I was certain I was not the first person to lose a parking stub. But he was adamant that a lost ticket was going to cost me $30!

$30! I just paid over $200 plus tax and tip to the restaurant! I told him I wasn't going to pay $30 for parking my car when I just paid so much for lunch. His words to me were "We don't know if you got here at 8:00 a.m and you parked here all day. I told him that I arrived about 1:45pm had lunch so I was under the 3 hour "FREE" parking limit. Didn't believe me. He added "well lets just say you got here at 10:00 am so I would just pay $12:00. "NO!" I wasn't going to pay anything! I told him I will turn around and try and speak to someone in the Downtown Disney area and try to resolve the issue. 4 cars had to back up to let me back up.

I left the kids in the car and returned to the restaurant to try to get some help. The clerk in the gift shop gave me a number, which I called and found out it was only a "lost and found' number. They were sympathetic but not helpful. I noticed a couple of gentlemen in the next car getting out there music instruments. I thought to myself that they must be Downtown Disney musicians and they might get "FREE" parking because of this. I approached them and told them what happened. I asked for their parking ticket and they were very friendly and gave it to me. I was very appreciative and thankful for their help. I jumped in my car and was happy to be on my way.

Or I thought!

The window or building I was at just minutes earlier had closed and so I proceeded to the next window and handed him my ticket. I was expecting for the guard to lift the arm of the gate so I could leave. He immediately said to me that the ticket I have was not mine. I must have looked puzzled and really didn't know what he meant. It wasn't my original ticket, but a ticket I got legitimately. He made a claim I found it on the ground and that it was not my ticket. I told him that I didn't find it on the ground but he insisted I did. I asked him point blank, "Are you calling me a liar?" I was stunned he was making a big deal out of it. He asked for my receipt I had earlier (he saw what happened earlier at the other window) I explained that this ticket has less than 3 hours and he didn't need my lunch receipt. I gave him the receipt anyway and he checked the times on both the ticket and the lunch receipt. The times were stamped different. The lunch receipt had about 2:15pm and the parking ticket had 4:20pm. He said that this was somebody else's ticket and insinuated I stole it. I exclaimed " Are you calling me a thief?" I told him the tickets are to park one car in one space and do not clarify any brand of car for each ticket.

He showed what must have been a supervisor as another man who was very intimidating insist that I created a "fraud" I told him, In your mind maybe but I did not steal or find it that it was given to me. he questioned further whom I got it from and I told him. he wanted a description of them which I told him I didn't remember. Not that I was protecting anyone form getting into trouble as I believed these "parking attendance were desperately trying to intimidate me. This guy was big and rotund. He was glaring at me and wouldn't stop staring at me. I told him flat "STOP STARING ME DOWN!" he said he wasn't but continue to glare at me. I told him to get a supervisor but instead he called security. I turned off my engine and waited for them to arrive. I told them they were holding me hostage and the guard said, "No, just pay the $30 and you can go!" Isn't that holding me hostage I thought? How could they think I was being fraudulent? If I had made a copy of a ticket or stole it from someone, yeah then I would be fraudulent. But getting it from someone who didn't have to pay was legitimate. No one lost their ticket so someone else would have to pay the $30

After 15 minutes waiting for security, my son, who's birthday it was, was crying. I felt so bad as the other family members were waiting for us to arrive. I caved in for my sons sake and paid the $30 but told the guard he would be hearing from my attorney. he commented he would love to hear from him.

I drove away so pissed but felt my sons happiness was more important than trying to prove a point to those jerks who thought they were real cops.

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You keep saying you didn't lie! LMAO!

Then why did you try to go to another gate to get out? Because the first guard knew you didn't have a valid ticket!

You are hilarious!


You are an adult, you lost the ticket so you have to pay the full price of parking. Act your age and take responsibility for your actions.

You may be an adult but your behavior is not of an adult. Also for those saying she should sue, for what. They have the right to charge for parking for a lost ticket. Since it says on the ticket that they will be charged for parking she has no right to complain.

She ruined her son's birthday with her immature behavior, not Disney.

She has no case since the law will side with Disney. If she refuses to pay the parking fee they can have her arrested and not only will she have to pay the parking fee, but a lot more, all because she could not do the adult thing.


The DTD parking has NO grace period whatsoever and the attendants are rude. I was 6 minutes over the validated 4 hour limit and I had to pay $6!

We are talking about 6 minutes! I was so pissed. The manager said "everyone come through here with a different story." So they should have a grace period or change their policy!!! After spending hundreds of dollars I left there upset and it ruined the whole day for me.

Happiest place on earth? Ha!

to Anonymous #1054277

Another adult stuck in the body of a child sigh. You were six minutes late, where should they draw the grace period?

Most of the time grace period is five minutes. One more thing I should add about the incident in the original review. The reason that you have to pay for parking if you lost your ticket is because anyone can lie and claim they lost their ticket and try to avoid paying for parking.

I would think someone old enough to drive would use a bit of common sense. I guess common sense is overrated when you act your shoe size rather than your age.


You are not very bright are you. Anyone can "lose" their parking ticket, and try to park for free.

If you had half a brain you would know why you had to pay $30. You can try to sue if you want, but I am pretty sure the ticket states that if you lose your ticket you have to pay the $30.

You made a mistake, just do the adult thing and pay the $30. It is a shame your son is mature enough to understand this concept, or at least at 12 he should.


Parking should be free. It used to be...

I wondered when they put the monstrosity of a parking garage in, if they were charging to park. Shame on Disney!

West Palm Beach, Florida, United States #774216

"Are you calling me a liar?" You are a liar! You admitted in this review that you lied, that the ticket you tried to present wasn't your ticket.

How are you going to get offended when someone calls you on your lies?

Parking garages and toll roads both work on the principal that if you lose your ticket you pay the maximum amount because they have no way to know how long you were parked there or drove on that road.

It is your responsibility to keep that ticket, not try to defraud the people who work there.

So yeah I'm sure they would love to hear from your attorney so that the judge can laugh you out of court when you say on the witness stand how you tried to pass off someone else's ticket as your own.

Los Angeles, California, United States #774003

You lost your ticket and admittedly lied to them....irresponsible and a liar. I believe they were proving a point as well....

Also, your timeline is screwy...you got there at 1:45, had your bill by 2:15, and then finished at 3:30?

I smell ANOTHER lie..


Who leaves their kids in a car and randomly includes innocent people (the musicians) into your drama?? She probably harassed them until they just have it to her to shut her up!

Los Angeles, California, United States #645296

That's how EVERY paid parking is. If you lose it, you most of the time have to pay the maximum, Sorry!

It doesn't matter about how much you paid on lunch (that was your decision). A few weeks ago my boyfriend and I went to eat at PF Change and lost our ticket, we had to pay $24 to get out of the structure.

You aren't anyone special and neither is your pwecious wittle darlings. They enforce this rule when it comes to anyone, deal with it.

Columbus, Ohio, United States #591703

If you don't pay for parking and refuse to pay, it is fraud. If you skip out of paying a honor parking box ,get caught and get ticketed or towed, it's your dishonest act that cause the problem.


um... excuse me... i lost my airline ticket... can you let me in anyway?

um... excuse me... i lost my admission ticket will you let me in anyway?

um... excuse me... act like an adult and get over it... you screwed up... your bad...


How is this ripping you off? You lost the ticket, they had a right to charge you the $30.

Where I felt a little ripped off was on Saturday, we went to Eatl of Sandwhich at 9 AM and then to the movies. When we arrived at Downtown Disney parking, all ticket machines were disabled or turned off. As a result, there was no way to get a ticket. When we left after the movie, they wanted to charge the $30. The arm was stuck in the up position, so I politely informed the attendant that there was no way to retrieve a parking ticket that morning and since I was within the 5 hour window, I would not be paying, then left.

Now that is truly trying to rip you off, making you pay because you lost the ticket is not.


I would've waited for the PD, crying kid or no. Teach your kid that it's the principle of the thing, not the money, that's important.

Then, after you've been arrested, you can sue for false arrest.

Oh, and next time, have somebody in the car taking a video of the whole thing. Remain polite, but insist on your point.


It looks like noone is taking your side. I have to admit that I would have done the same thing but would have ended up being hauled to jail before I paid the $30, I mean yes, you screwed up by loosing the ticket but come on $30 is NOT going to break or make Disney or even put a dent in their profits!

I for one budget for things like $200 birthday dinners but not for $30 parking if I know I do not need to! $30 could make or break me and my family at times!

We cannot afford to go to WDW often, but we save up to go and budget EVERYTHING! You go girl!!!


there are a lot of *** that work at disney . Been there done that i lost my ticket showed them the receipts and that was it so one fucken *** does ruin it i bet there are more than one there are thousands that a bastards and should just leave the company including managers




Your problem is this: You spent all that time trying to weasel your way out of a petty $30 parking fee. If you have to work that hard to avoid paying $30 for the fee then you shouldn't have spent $200 on lunch. There is no justification for what you tried.

Any rational and reasonable human being in the same situation would go, "ah ***," then pay the fee, and get over it. You how ever have to make a huge scene and try to weasel, lie, and cheat your way out of paying a $30 parking fee. How old are you? 5? This is a grown up world, some times you just have to *** the bullet, and do the unpleasant thing. Also they did not "hold you hostage" you created the problem your self instead of just doing the adult thing. Could they have been nicer? Maybe. Does that excuse the way you acted? *** no. I'm frankly surprised they didn't take your name and 86 you from the property.

In closing: Grow the *** up.


DisneyDowner - what did your husband do during this whole fiasco?


You cheated the system and got caught deal with it. You can't use someone else's ticket which clearly had a different time stamp on it.

I would expect you to understand such simple 3rd grade logic. You even said it yourself which proves you clearly knew what you were doing is wrong. "The times were stamped different.

The lunch receipt had about 2:15pm and the parking ticket had 4:20pm." So you knew they had different time stamps but yet tried to cheat or skate around the system anyway. You got caught for doing something wrong now deal with it, get over it and stop whining like a big baby.


You did commit fraud. And you were a dbag when the employees were simply doing their job. When you called your attorney did he laugh at you?

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