I am a annual pass holder and I take my 4 year granddaughter to Disneyland every Friday, it is our special time together. I am 65 and handicap, I have my own scooter and I ride her between my legs.

I am not hurting no one, I understand the policy but to grab my shoulder and yell at me not to have her on the scooter and another attraction to embaress me and yell at me again that I don't care if it is your scooter! this is private property. GET OFF, really ? I cant hold her hand and handle scooter at the same time.

so tell her walk! REALLY! its a safety issue, ok I get it. but you let a pit bull with a pinch collar on go on pirates ride with a german shepard and a rottwiler and the poor dogs are freaking out.

what happen to the compassion of Disneyland, Walt would be turning over in his grave. and you let everyone rent a wheelchair and a scooter, and kids are going full speed and running into people. but I am yelled at. I remember when Disney was all about customer service now I am just told , TELL HER TO WALK!

SHAME ON DISNEYLAND. I spend about 5 or 6 hours at Disneyland and you want me to have a 4 yr old walk the whole time, I am so disgusted with Disneyland I guess its all about the money. also I might add safe? at Disneyland right!

A gentle man opened his kids Sunkist juice with a switch blade! waiting in line of dumbo ride. Disneyland does not care about its customers.

I would gladly sign a waiver. no one at Disney cares anymore.

Product or Service Mentioned: Disneyland Customer Care.

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Went to the park for my 50th birthday in May. I am the mother and guardian of my adult dependent who has a disability.

First time to go adulting at Disney, no kids, no spouse. I was excited! However shortly after going into the park I too noticed a change in "atmosphere" of the park. Not that it applied to all cast members but there were several instances where I was more than disappointed in how cast members handled themselves.

Some of those times we were involved and others we were observers. I agree if Walt were alive he would disapprove.

Disney seems to have focused their efforts profit and not the creating the magic it once had. So sad.


Unfortunately they don't really have a choice anymore because of the way people file lawsuits. If you granddaughter got hurt, they could be held liable because it happened at their park, even if it was on your personal scooter and not their fault.

I do understand your frustration, but in this day and age companies pretty much have to follow this protocol or face the consequences. The rules have to be the same for everyone.As far as the switchblade, I hope you reported that.

Weapons are not allowed in DL and that should have been caught at the bag check.And I totally understand your frustration about the dogs....I struggle with them being allowed in the parks at all, especially without any proof that they are emotional support dogs - which they are not even allowed to ask about.Sounds like a sad situation all around. Hope next time is better for you.

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