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Was waiting in line for the cars attraction at California adventure park. The line has railing along the line path.

At one point the railing had a walk gate for employees to access a back area. The gate had been left unlatched or was broken. I was leaning back against the rail as I waited in line and got to that point in the line. I stepped back against the rail and the gate swung open and I fell through the opening onto my back striking the rock wall injuring my neck and back and arm.

An employee saw it and immediately came over to help me up. He asked me if I was ok then said he was sorry and that they have had a request in for 2 weeks to get the latch on the gate fixed. After getting off the attraction I began to feel sore and had a headache so I went to first aid and the customer service desk. They gave me an ice pack and said that I should go seek medical attention if I feel nauseous and to avoid jarring rides.

They did nothing else. No apologies, no anything. I this happened earlier today. I have been in extreme pain all day and don’t want to run.

My families vacation by going to the ER. I’m completely unhappy by the neglect of the park and by the uncaring way they handled this. No attempt to make this right, nothing at all. And then to top things off we left so I could go relax outside the park and when we returned our tickets wouldn’t work.

We had to wait for 20 mins while they figured it out and then they tried to say that my “6 year old” couldn’t come back in because his ticket was for 1 Park not the park hopper and that he had to go to customer service which was on the other side of the park since we were entertaining thru the hotel. This happened to us 3 times trying to enter the park even though we corrected it 2 other times.

Then to top it off we purchased a park hopper upgrade for my parents tickets and the same problem happen to them which caused them to leave back to their hotel and never used the park hopper. Which I literally had paid for a few hours earlier.

Product or Service Mentioned: Disneyland Customer Care.

Reason of review: Poor customer service.

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You were leaning on the rails, ike the cast members and about 400 signs tell you not to. It's your own fault you got hurt. Don't lean on the rails.

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