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Disneyland has changed Fast-Pass procedures to an incredibly cumbersome process. Previously a fast-pass was printed, you handed it over to the attendant at the established time, the attendant took it, and you entered the ride.

Simple. NOW --a fast-pass reminder is printed, but the actual pass is stored on your "park hopper" or other credit-card like park pass. So then, you go to the ride at the appointed time, and have to drag ALL of your park passes out for you and family, scan all of them in a machine at the ride entrance, safely put your VALUABLE park passes away, go through the line, and in many cases, depending on the ride, have to SCAN them AGAIN, and then once again safely store your VALUABLE park passes away. In almost all cases, befuddled, disorganized park-goers are fumbling around the scanners, slowing access to the ride, and in every case, VALUABLE park passes are subject to being lost --not once like in previous procedures, where pass was scanned when fast-pass ticket was generated, but --- THREE TIMES.

It was much faster, easier, and SAFER, when a park pass was presented ONCE, a ticket was printed, a ticket was SUBMITTED, and the ride was accessed. If a FAST-PASS was lost, it was no tragedy. If a PARK PASS is lost, it’s a BIG DEAL.

I am certain park passes are being lost as I write this complaint. Terrible new procedure, awful, it is the greatest mar on our entire trip.

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This makes me laugh. Disney World has had fast passes attached to park tickets and/or magic bands for years and noone has any problems using those. If it's really that hard to pop out a pass before getting on a ride then I question how you are able to put one foot in front of the other.


Yes, Disney has messed changed their ride procedures to the point where it is really best to just avoid the place entirely. After encountering their new system a year ago after three decades of WDW visits, we have crossed Disney off our list of places to go. I suggest you get into your car and see the USA---much cheaper and less frustrating than trying to deal with Disney parks.

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