WHERE DO I BEGIN.... At the age of 7 my family and I visited Disneyland at the same time my son was diagnosed with RP at UCLA.

For those of you who are not familiar with the disease, blindness is the only outcome, there is no cure. At 27, I chose to re-enact our Disney experience and took it one step further and charged an entire trip for Christmas so he would have a memory of such magnitude he could carry it with him for the rest of his life. I made reservations at Chip N Dale breakfast for today at 10:05 just to start our adventure. Well, my son has a memory just not the one I chose for him.

He now has the humiliation of being surrounded by security, management and K9 's denying him access to the park for being forthright when asked and stating he had smoked marijuana prior to entering the park. With his admission he also stated he had a state licensed card to do so and that his actions were completely legal in the state and has been legal in the State of California since 1996. It was during this encounter that two security supervisors approached and told me Disneyland is private property and they have the sole discretion to NOT allow anyone in the park while under the influence. We were told we could all go in except for my blind son.

If being under the influence is truly the reason my son was denied entry into the park, the argument does not hold true, alcohol is served in the adjacent park, meaning several guests ARE under the influence. And lets be honest here, if one were to guess, 25% of your guests are under the influence of one form of THC through edibles, sprays, lotions, etc., and the higher percentage of guests who are merely intoxicated at the hands of Disneyland itself, so you can drink alcohol consumed on property, have underage individuals drink on property but since you cannot sell the marijuana you discriminate? Selective entry is discriminatory in every sense of the world and denying entry to someone with a disability for medicating prior to entering the property is inexcusable. So what was it really, his vision, his attire, his honesty or merely him, but it WAS NOT because of being under the influence.

I am a mother who attempted to do something great and now our HOLIDAY is ruined and a memory lost.


Reason of review: discrimination .

Monetary Loss: $100000.

Preferred solution: resolve.

I didn't like: Discriminatory.

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There is really only one question here. Does Disneyland always enforce the rule that no one can smoke pot or be under the influence of pot when on their property?

The answer is yes, because I was able to find in on their website in about 10 minutes. I've never been there before, but went to see if I could find it and there it was. That's the end of the story.

It's unfortunate that this happened to you, but as someone who uses {{Redacted}} myself, I am well aware that it is MY responsibility to make sure it is okay to have used it before trying to enter private property. Disney didn't do anything wrong here.


To the original poster of this complaint ignore the anonymous trolls attacking you. We all know that they are actually Disneyland customer service people trying to defend their unprofessional behavior.

If they were actual readers or customers I guarantee you you wouldn't be getting these negative responses. It would be awesome if we could get a IP address Trace to these posters.

to Jaden #1462245

Comments like this are hysterical. You don't like that people disagree so you decide they are all Disney employees.

I'm literally laughing out loud. Not a Disney employee, not even a Disney fan....just someone who stumbled upon this comment and thanks you for the laugh.


Everyone is a snowflake, entitled to special treatment, and if not granted - the expected monetary loss is denoted as $100,000. Never mind the potential liability of knowingly admitting someone to the park under the influence, your son was honest and they should have overlooked that.

I also love the Anonymous commenter whom was quick to decry the same happened to her husband ON CHRISTMAS - as he suffers from SEVERE anxiety especially when around large groups. Yep, so the logical choice is to go to Disneyland ON CHRISTMAS, where I'm sure there are no large crowds.


I just popped on Disney's website and it's clearly stated that those under the influence are not allowed and there are no exceptions for medical use. It may be unfortunate that they have chosen this rule, but it is a rule.

They do not have to make exceptions for you and it is on you to check the rules before booking a vacation.

Everyone wants special treatment. It's obnoxious.


This happen to my husband today. We try to take our daughter for Christmas and they also denied him.

He suffers from severe anxiety especially when around a large group of people. He also has a valid license.

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