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Went to Disney with my sister and cousin on a spur of the moment trip because the rose gold ears had been re stocked. We left our family costume party drove to disney.

The only 1 in a real costume was my 7 year old. My 15 year old sister had on a witchs cape and my cousin had on a blue dress.. we start walking through security at the parking structure behind 3 white blond girls in incredible onsies. They go through without a problem.

All of a sudden one porcelin skinned dark goth hair looking security pulls my 15 year old to the side and calls her lead who pulls her further away. We go up to see what the prob is and the lead security insists we calm down and that it's her costume (cape) that's the issue and we couldn't go into the park becuae of her cape or my cousins blue dress that resembled bell. Mind u the three lovely white grls in incredible onsies just went through without a problem. So my sister takes her cape off and the lead security acts as if he's doing us a huge favor by not kicking us out and letting us go shopping at least to downtown Disney for the rose gold ears.

I stay calm walk away and proceed on the tram mind you on the tram i see many many women in costume Jasmin ariel Alice guys as Eric prince charming (and i mean full blown adults) but my brown little sisters cape and a blue dress my brown cousin wore was a huge security issue!! Since when can u hide a weapon in a cape and not in a onsie?? But i understood the porceline skinned security and her lead saw 5 brown girls two in "costume" and they had to be dangerous! iT was ridiculous.

How dare Disney treat my little sister differently then the three grown *** white grls wearing costunes!

And to Topeka it all off we walk into the park and we see people in full blown costunes one was in a Harry Potter themed costume! If Disney would like to play the profiling game they are walking down a very dangerous path!!

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Why can't anyone in these negative reviews speak or spell correctly? It's like they're all written by the same person.


Playing the race card I see. I've seen this happen to people of all shapes, sizes and colors.

The problem is cast members who aren't sure what the rules are. You decided it was about race, an assumption that is just as dangerous if not more than actual racism. I'm a very dark brown person, FYI. I don't do Disneyland, but I know at Disney World you cannot wear capes, hats, or any other costumes unless you are a small child.

The dress would be fine in WDW however as long as it isn't literally a costume. Not sure how the rules differ between parks.

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