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We go to WDW every two years if not more & and after our first Christmas trip we are wondering if we will go again. The old FP system was great!! We didn't have to know exactly what park to go to on any particular day & once we got to a park we didn't have to plan our day around FP. We would just go to an area in the park, get aFP for the attraction we wanted(at THAT attraction), and visited other attractions in that area until our FP time. This time we had to plan way in advance for what park & what attractions to FP. Then we ran from one side of the park to the other trying make our FP times. They say you can change them at anytime if you see that it's not going to work for you, but that's not true. With 2 young children you never know what might come up. We tried to change our FP a few times but couldn't because my app wouldn't load when it got to the FP screen & we tried the kiosk & after searching for one and then standing in line forever, we find out that what we wanted is gone. We have always gone to WDW for a vacation but this time it felt like work....keeping up with a schedule and not being able to much of anything on a whim.

Not only is the FP system bad but my husband & I noticed that the cast member friendliness and them being "in character" has gone down also. The cast members are one big reason why WDW is different than other theme parks. This time, we were disappointed in the cast members, especially running the rides/attractions. For the most part they were not very friendly-more like just going through the motions. I remember when cast members running the rides played the part and made you feel welcome & you felt excited to do the attraction. This time we were meet with ho-hum attitudes as we were entering attractions. Most cast members out on the streets were very friendly & hospitable- just like I always remember.

Care of the park seems to be lacking too. We saw more chipped and faded paint than we ever have before and also dust and nastiness on and around some of the attractions. In the past everything always seemed fresh and new-not so much this time.

The bus transportation is not what it used to be either. When we first started using the buses, you usually wouldn't wait for more than 20 minutes for a bus. This time we would wait up to 30 minutes for a bus while we watch 2 or more buses for the same park come by while we wait for ours. I ave to think that the scooters are to blame for some of this though...

Which brings me to another issue I have with WDW. I don't think those scooters should be allowed!!! They are dangerous & I have seen way too many of them being driven by people who get out of them & walk just fine & also in one instance that infuriated me.... 2 kids between 12 and 14 were on one and when they got into the crowd that I was in, the mother(who was walking behind them) told them to go off so she could drive through the crowd! More than once did we have to *** our children out of the way where someone was backing up in one and never looked back. They are a minace & anyone impaired should have to get a wheelchair. I have to push a stroller around all day. It wouldn't hurt some one to have to push a wheelchair around if it was absolutely necessary. I don't know what restrictions they have on getting scooters but there must not be very many. There were way too many of them in the park while we were there.

Then at the end of a long day, a bus pulls up and he has to let the scooters on first, which take up about 4 seats a piece, and a few times they ot out of the scooters & sat in a bus seat. So here I am after 15 minutes of waiting as they load the scooters,standing in line with a sleeping 3 year old & a 7 year old doing the best he can to stand up, just hoping and praying that we will be able to get on the bus. Knowing if we do' I will have to stand holding 32 pounds of dead weight for at least 20 minutes unless a saint offers up their seat(which did happen one night...THANK YOU). In short, those scooters are a hazard in the parks, misused, and cause buses to run insufficiently and take up too much space.

Two years ago I was the biggest advocate for WDW. Absolutely loved it and would tell everybody how great it was & they had to go. After our last trip I am not feeling the same and it disappoints me so. I hope Disney will go back to working on quality not quantity. I want my kids to be able to love it like I always have. Disney-please focus more on quality!! I would hate to have to break a 30 year family tradition.

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Orlando, Florida, United States #917848

As far as scooters tour are totaly wrong. I broke my foot 3 weeks before my visit to disney and if it was not for the scooter I would have had a terrible tome.

as for your children in their strollers you had your children so you push them. It was no ones fault but I broke my foot so why would somebody have to push me around this whole carton in a wheelchair. Not everyone it's inconsiderate.

I feel that the size of the stroller some of these people are pushing nowadays are a hindrance and dangerous. They think just because they have a stroller they're all supposed to go first and don't wait for anybody but that's not true you need to be courteous also.

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