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Decided to wait until my daughter was 7 to visit the park, as I thought she could handle the lines. What I didn't expect was three hour lines to see It's a small world.

Wow! I bought the fastpass but this only covers the more intense rides which my daughter can't handle. But the real issue was MICKEY MOUSE. She saw him several times but he wave her off to make his appointments.

His wait time was two hours. I'm sure the park makes enough money with the prices they charge to employ several MICKEYS. Let's be honest he wears a costume and doesn't talk, right. The park said they had two Mickeys and with the amount of people we had a better chance winning the lottery.

Sad that they overpack the park and create an atmosphere of frustration. Disneyland made Black Friday look like a walk in the park.......

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Who would want to see it's a small world anyways? You ride that ride once, and that jingle song stays in your head, until you are dead...


No way was It's a Small World 3 hours, the longest it ever is maybe 40 and that is at Christmas peak time. Also, you can't "buy" a fast pass, they are free.

Also, Mickey's house never has more than a 1/2 hour line, never.

Los Angeles, California, United States #795549

You could of easily went to city hall or asked a cast member the times and places to meet Mickey Mouse, mickey is not going to magically appear everywhere you are.


for a 'loving mom' r sure spends a lot of time on this thread, while her kid searches the cupboards for the last stale pack of top ramen to nibble on dry because her narcissistic mom is too busy fuming over the lower educated trolls that, according to her majesty, don't know how to read her oh so valuable, insightful complaint about this one time at a family park when she took her romp-result to meet a big fake mouse.


reginastrnad is a last word freak below. Methinks thou doth protest too much.

:roll Get over yourself. ha ha :grin

Los Angeles, California, United States #750983

Cast member is wrong. I went to the Disney City Hall located inside the park on the left and he said they had two, but he could have been lying to get rid of me.

As far as the fast passes, I guess that was part of the ticket. I just assumed by husband purchased seperately. Thanks for clarifying the fastpass. I feel better that it was included as I didn't use them.

Oh, by the way do you work for Disney? Because I think he was lying as there couldn't be two.


So basically, you typed up bs on pissed consumer because you're really that pissed your precious booo didn't get to see a pretend mouse. You're lame

to dupid Los Angeles, California, United States #750956

Yes, basically I think all loving caring parents want their children to see the pretend mouse, Santa Claus, easter bunny. You get the drift, but then again maybe not. Oh, by the way being anonymous is lame.

to reginastrnad #751950

It is lame to be so pissed that you didn't get to see the pretend mouse that you posted on a pissed consumer site. Rather than enjoy the experience, you choose to muddy the memories with useless complaints

to some Los Angeles, California, United States #751955

To some: I never wrote whether I enjoyed the park or not, just that more Mickeys would be nice. I wish you people could read....

My daughter had a great time, thanks for asking. The experience was not muddy with complaints, thanks again for your ignorant assumption. One Mickey can not handle the park ratio. No more than one Santa Claus per City.

Think before you write such *** comments.

I see now why the *** people don't use your own names. Believe me, everybody knows who you are when you speak or in this case write.

Bicknell, Indiana, United States #750878

I think you went when it was busy. Guess they could have hired a few extra Mickey's though.

to sfdaf Los Angeles, California, United States #750958

The park said it was at 50% capacity. I can not imagine more. Wouldn't it be nice to have the percentage posted outside and let the consumer know whether they want to wait in 2 hour lines.

to reginastrnad Hesperia, California, United States #848837

Get the Disney Wait app, it gives you all ride line times.

Columbia, Kentucky, United States #750840

You obviously went to the park last week during one of the busiest times of the year. Big mistake.

And, Disneyland is much smaller and busier than Walt Disney World. You cannot expect to see and have a personal visit with the characters on a visit. Too many people. That's just the way it is.

Next time go to the part the week after Thanksgiving or the week after Labor Day. Both of these weeks are slow and you may be able to satisfy your little rug-rat's desire to meet a character. No use or sense complaining about it.

It is what it is. Now, get on with life.

to nikalseyn Bloomington, Indiana, United States #750962

My daughter had a great time. Thanks for asking.

I was told the weekend after Thanksgiving was good but I was mislead. Just wanted other parents to be aware that the park is overcrowded even at the 50% capacity that management declared.

The last time I visited both parks was over 10 years ago and it's changed into a huge moneymaker with no regard for personal satisfaction.

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